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Cape Pack is a modular suite of palletisation software to help determine the best product size, case count, case size and pallet load.

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Companies around the world use Esko’s Cape Pack and Cape TruckFill to reduce costs and optimise their packaging supply chains. Both programs provide accurate reports and calculate the impact on the supply chain cost and sustainability values for your company’s products.

By advancing packaging and shipper design and improving the number of products onto a pallet or in a truck or container, companies make real headway in enhancing their packaging supply chain. This optimisation offers a cost-effective and sustainable shipping solution for ESG reporting.

  • Design the optimum product size
  • Evaluate alternative case sizes
  • Maximise pallet loading
  • Create a sustainable packaging supply chain ESG
  • Improve space utilisation and warehousing
  • Cut transportation costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce the number of trucks on the streets
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