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flexible packaging sells what it protects and protects what it sells

Bob Cork Agencies has built a reputation of serving customers requirements and making recommendations to address matters related to appearance and performance. We are able to take you through all the different aspects of supply working with your preferred design teams, getting the design to a print ready stage, establish the most cost-effective materials construction to meet barrier and shelf life requirements, and get finished materials working on machine packing equipment and hand packing production lines most effectively.


At Bob Cork Agency, we understand the need for businesses vary. It comes with 25 years experience in the industry. With that knowledge, let us meet with you to discuss your requirements in sourcing the best possible packaging solution for you.


The importance of our environment is essential. Being more conscious with biodegradable packaging can impact our oceans and landfill hugley. At Bob Cork we support and have many viable options for eco friendly packaging.


There is no better way to display the type of work we can do for you. Our clients are range from medium to large enterprise businesses that have benefited from Bob Cork Agency packaging solutions. Have a look at what we do and enquire to setup a meeting.

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