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For more than 40 years Bob Cork Agencies has prided itself on the trust it has established with customers, taking ownership of every project by becoming the customer’s own personal development and procurement manager.

Specialising in rigid, flexible and paper packaging while also offering design and packaging optimisation software solutions, the business is driven to add value for customers and suppliers alike, including those in the dairy and confectionery sectors, pharmaceutical tablet producers and a myriad of stakeholders including and beyond the FMCG market – all seeking sustainable solutions.

Bob Cork Agencies is able to take customers through all the different aspects of packaging, working with preferred design teams, getting the design to print-ready stage, establish the most cost-effective material constructions to meet barrier and shelf-life requirements, and get finished materials working on machine packing equipment and hand packing production lines seamlessly.

Since 1985, it has also offered Cape (Computer Assisted Packaging Evaluation) software sales, training and consultancy aimed at improving supply chain efficiency and reducing warehousing and transportation costs through optimisation.

We supply intelligent packaging design, palletisation and container loading software that enables you to optimise space in palletisation, warehousing and distribution, cutting down costs and increasing your supply chain efficiencies.

Above all, Bob Cork Agencies thrives on being customers’ “go-to” packaging specialists, believing strongly in Steve Job’s ethos, “Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story”.

It understands that a business and its packaging require specialised attention, calling on its extensive knowledge of technical specifications, conversion procedures and key industry players to guide customers through all the relevant packaging processes and offer a complete turnkey service - from conception to implementation and execution.

Our people

Head Hanchos

Bob Cork


Bob Cork Agencies founder Bob Cork is a 55-year veteran of the printing and packaging industry.

Beginning his career as a photolithography apprentice in 1965, the Rondebosch Boys’ High School alumnus held numerous positions at South Africa’s leading packaging firms, including Colemco and Nampak Flexible, where he served as regional sales manager for three factories in the group.

Since founding Bob Cork Agencies in1983, he has honed the art of finding effective solutions to packaging problems to ensure customers get the right packaging for the right product. His extensive network means he is 100% guaranteed to get the most effective result for his clients.

Gareth Cork


Gareth Cork started off as the Software Account Manager at Bob Cork Agencies. After gaining 10 years experience working closely with Bob, he has grown into a fundamental generational partner with shared core values and an acute understanding of packaging and optimisation.

Holding Bachelor and Honours degrees in Social Development from the University of Cape Town as well as a qualification from the BHC School of Interior Design, he previously worked as a designer and project manager at Pa Kua Design before joining Bob Cork Agencies as the Software Account Manager and later a role in Key Accounts.

For the Rondebosch Boys High School alumnus, relationships are everything, and his strengths as a communicator and critical thinker enable him to find comprehensive packaging solutions for customers quickly and effectively.

What sets us apart

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Packaging Solutions

we offer

Rigid Packaging

Rigid Packaging

Our extensive range of fit-for-purpose rigid packaging offers global industry standards and innovations to provide structure and support safeguarding the contents.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Our flexible packaging solutions are customised to meet any specialised needs and provide a lighter, durable solution without compromising the product or shelf-life requirements.

Paper Packaging

Paper Packaging

Our paper packaging products provide a lightweight, biodegradable solution which is easily recyclable, can be printed on directly and combines easily with other materials.

Packaging Software

Packaging Software

We supply intelligent packaging design, palletisation and container loading software that enables you to optimise space in palletisation, warehousing and distribution, cutting down costs and increasing your supply chain efficiencies