At Bob Cork Agencies we can decrease the number of different boxes and constructions, saving you costs. Installation and training provided in house.

  • Product sizing, case design, palletizing and container loading software.
  • Structural design, manufacturing and communication for packaging and displays.
  • 3D Packaging design and Visualization.


Our packaging solutions range from compostable packaging, recycable, pharamceuticals and custom packaging where we can consult and source your ideal packaging solution.

  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Pharmceutical Packaging
  • Custom Flexible Packaging


We understand that a business and its packaging requires special attention. Bob Cork Agencies have been operating since 1983 providing end to end solutions for small to large enterpises.

  • Consult with Bob Cork Agency

Who we work with

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What Our Clients Say

Our Clients Responses to our Services
  • Bob and his team have been instrumental in helping us achieve a fully biodegradable and compostable packaging solution for our full range of superfood products. We’ve tried and tested the material for almost 2years and remain extremely satisfied.
    Michael Holmwood, General Manager, Soaring Free Superfoods
  • I can recommend Bob Cork Agencies for their integrity, professionalism, and friendly manner in dealing with the many challenges faced in flexible packaging.
    Greg Moody
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